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  1. A high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead is a type of shaped charge explosive that uses the Munroe effect to penetrate thick tank armor. The warhead functions by having the explosive charge collapse a metal liner inside the warhead into a high-velocity superplastic jet. This superplastic jet is capable of penetrating armor steel to a depth of seven or more times the diameter of the charge.
  2. Heat Stabilizers based on lead salts and soaps offer exceptional long-term heat stability. These heat stabilizers are considered as one of the most cost-effective form of stabilizers for PVC. These heat stabilizers are considered as one of the most cost-effective form of stabilizers for PVC.
  3. Chem Polymer Corporation / Nylon 6 Heat Stabilized: Nylon Type 6 heat stabilized has the same mechanical properties as general purpose nylon 6/6 with the additional advantage of heat stabilization. This material can withstand F ( C) temperatures in long range service in most applications. Heat stabilized nylon is off white in color.
  4. Heat Stabilized Cable Ties. Heat-stabilized nylon 6/6 cable ties are used in continuous or extended exposure to high temperatures (up to °F) and meet UL standards for electrical applications.. A general-purpose nylon will have a reduction in physical properties and fatigue as a .
  5. Expanding spring action helps hold fasteners securely. Nylon locking hole and knockout plugs can close up excess chassis holes, wiring outlets, and production access holes. Multiple locks can snap into panels from 1/64 to 1/8” thick without tools. Heat-stabilized nylon plugs can handle elevated temperatures. Shop Grainger for hole plugs today!
  6. Thermal stabilization occurs by heating the chemically stabilized stainless steel to a temperature where titanium or columbium carbides form preferentially and chromium carbides do not form. This heat treatment is conducted at approximately at °F for chemically stabilized stainless steels and the hold time is typically 4 hours.
  7. MC® is a heat stabilized cast nylon offering long-term thermal stability to °F. It is blue in color and used in a variety of bearing and structural applications such as wheels, gears and custom parts.
  8. There are a variety of perks when it comes to heat stabilized polyester films, and those are: Thermally stabilized at °C for 30 minutes (MD/TD shrinkage at.

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